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Corryn Biotechnologies Ltd

Type of organisation: Medical Technology & Diagnostics

In 2017-2018 the NHS treated 3.8 million wounds, costing £8.3 billion. Of this budget £5.6 billion (67%) was spent on chronic or hard-to-heal wounds, and costs are growing year-on-year, driven by increasing rates of comorbidities such as diabetes and antibiotic resistant infections. Despite this funding, 51% of these wounds remained unhealed 12 months after treatment initiation, and poor clinical outcomes are frequent. To address the problem a range of advanced wound dressings, negative pressure therapies and other solutions are available, however supply chain complexity and the number of available products is a severe vulnerability for healthcare providers.

Corryn Biotechnologies is developing a hand-held device to fabricate and deliver micro- and/or nano-fibrous dressings directly onto wounds at the point of care. These materials have been shown to improve wound outcomes, and development of a hand-held non-contact dressing system will allow direct application to a wider variety of patients whilst reducing energy consumption in sterilisation, packaging, and supply chain complexity of these advanced dressings.

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Location:Corryn Biotechnologies Ltd, Azets, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Ty Derw, Lime Tree Court, Cardiff
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