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ProColl Ltd

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ProColl is a synthetic biology company that manufactures bovine and animal-free collagen at scale. The company was formed as a spin out company from the Biomedical Engineering Department of Swansea University with over 20 years of experience in collagen and its application. ProColl has four product lines available for sale at research grade for clinical research and medical device development. These are (1) bovine acid soluble collagen (ASC) the staple of the research and medical device fields, used in applications from 3D cell culture through to 3D bioprinting; (2) water soluble collagen for use in medical device fabrication methods such as electrospinning; (3) recombinant human collagen single chains used in clinical research and diagnostics; (4) recombinant human triple helical collagen a new to market product aimed to extend relevance of collagen applications. ProColl is currently progressing to ISO 13485 accreditation for sales to medical device manufacturer

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ProColl Ltd news articles

14 June 2023

ProColl awarded a grant from the Innovate UK Transformative Technologies

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7 February 2023

ProColl makes using structured collagen affordable at last!

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