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24th May 2023

Creo Hails Lung Cancer Milestone

A listed Monmouthshire-based medical device company has announced a “big potential step forward” for the global treatment of lung cancer.

Creo Medical Group said the first in-human use of the company’s MicroBlate Flex device for the microwave (MW) ablation of soft tissue lung lesions was successfully completed at Royal Brompton Hospital, part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, by Professor Pallav L Shah.

Creo’s MicroBlate Flex device is a new soft tissue ablation device which is designed with the aim of being able to ablate nodules and tumors in several tissue types using the highest frequency MW energy for tumour ablation.

The aforementioned procedure forms part of a multi-site clinical trial, with all patients having regular follow-up assessments post-procedure to monitor their progress.

The study is the first of a number of planned studies regarding the firm’s suite of ablation devices during 2023 and beyond.

Craig Gulliford, chief executive of Creo, said: “The whole team at Creo are delighted that this clinical program has now started. The first enrolment and MicroBlate Flex’s first procedure safely completed is an important milestone in our goal to use advanced energy to transform lives.”

Professor Shah added: “The ablate device is another tool in our armoury for treating early lung cancers or metastatic tumours in the lung. It provides an alternative approach when surgery is not possible and may have the potential to create a very controlled ablation minimising any additional lung damage. The current trial should help evaluate its safety and role in thoracic cancers.”