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Type of organisation: Medical Technology & Diagnostics

About Digostics

Far too many people across the world are living with undiagnosed diabetes. Digostics is on a mission to empower healthcare providers to identify everyone with diabetes and those at risk of developing the condition. By taking glucose intolerance testing directly to the patient, Digostics eliminates common barriers to accurate and timely diagnoses, ensuring more people receive the care they need.

Lab Quality Diabetes Testing, at Home

About GTT@home

Digostics offers a revolutionary diagnostic managed service called GTT@home, designed to streamline the diabetes screening workflow. GTT@home brings effective and accurate oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) directly to the patient, eliminating the need for inconvenient and time-consuming clinic visits. Patients receive a comprehensive test kit equipped with clear instructions, online video guidance, and telephone support, enabling them to complete their OGTT easily and conveniently from the comfort of their own home on a day that works best for them.

By prioritising accessibility and ease of use, Digostics is making significant strides in increasing health equity, particularly for conditions like gestational diabetes. Through innovative solutions like GTT@home, Digostics is committed to transforming diabetes care and improving health outcomes for patients around the world.

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Phone:+44 (0)330 113 9145

Location:Harwell Innovation Centre
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