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HCRW: SAIL Databank

Type of organisation: Academic, NHS, Contract Research & Testing

The SAIL Databank is a world renowned secure data repository which brings together a variety of information about the UK population. This data is extremely important to research groups within Wales and internationally, who use it to improve public services and to increase health and wellbeing. SAIL data comes from a wide variety of sources; hospitals, General Practices, social care, education and other public service providers. All the data in SAIL is de-identified before it flows into SAIL, via a non-reversible technical process carried out by an independent organisation within NHS Wales, so individuals can never be identified and privacy is fully safeguarded. All requests to use SAIL data are assessed by an independent panel (made up of a combination of data and governance experts and members of the public) who ensure that the research will provide public benefit and that there is no risk to privacy and anonymity. SAIL is a unique Welsh achievement of which the nation can be very proud. Its technology and security models are recognised as world leading innovations and have been adopted by over 25 major research platforms worldwide. The data within SAIL allows hundreds of research projects to take place each year, resulting in improvements to health and other public services.

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Phone:+44 (0) 1792 51 3404

Location:Data Science Building, Swansea University Medical School, Singleton Park, Wales, United Kingdom

HCRW: SAIL Databank news articles

22 May 2022

Data making a difference: the world-leading data bank behind life-changing research

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26 January 2022

One Wales Case Study: How SAIL Databank And The National Core Studies Data Assets Have Informed Welsh Government’s Pandemic Response Policy

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19 January 2022

SAIL Databank’s Analytical Services Team Supports Innovative UK Catalogue Of Disease Definitions

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