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Health and Care Research Wales

Type of organisation: NHS, Contract Research & Testing

Health and Care Research Wales, funded by Welsh Government, supports and increases capacity in health and social care research. Our broad research infrastructure and expert teams focus on Wales’ current and emerging areas of excellence.

The Health and Care Research Wales Support Centre provides centralised support for the health and social care research community in Wales. We have dedicated services to facilitate an increase in commercial research in health and social care in Wales, particularly through strong industry engagement.

We work closely with national and international stakeholders from, industry, academia and the health and social care sector.

The industry team provides a range of services:

• Signposting for companies and individuals wishing to discuss commercial research in Wales

• All Wales Feasibility coordination service; including early feedback, site identification and site intelligence. All services are coordinated by the industry team and are accessible by emailing industry-research@wales.nhs.uk

• Contracts advice & support which is provided by our experienced contract manager and contract officer. This service is accessible by emailing research-contracts@wales.nhs.uk   

• Study set-up oversight which aims to improve start-up of studies in Wales and exists to support companies experiencing set-up delays in Welsh sites.

• Coordinated oversight of commercial research delivery which  includes a trouble shooting service which is responsive to the needs of industry.

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Phone:+44 (0)2920 230 457

Location:Support Centre
Castlebridge 4
15-19 Cowbridge Road East

CF11 9AB

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