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22nd April 2024

Brainbox Ltd announces a new partnership with Mobile-EEG innovators, mBrainTrain

With the advent of mobile EEG technology, the horizon of neuroimaging is expanding dramatically, empowering researchers to delve into the complexities of brain activity in real-world settings like never before. Mobile EEG signifies a monumental shift in EEG technology with a completely wireless setup, liberating researchers from the constraints of traditional electroencephalography studies.


mBrainTrain has developed a family of portable EEG products, starting from simple EEG systems, and advancing to professional and high-density systems, creating innovative solutions suited for real-life situations. They aim to bridge the gap between EEG technology and everyday life, enabling mobile, outdoor, and social experiments, with an ongoing mission to further advance brain recording technology and seamlessly integrate it into everyday routines.


“Through collaboration with Brainbox Ltd we are poised to transform the landscape of neuroscience research, empowering researchers worldwide with our innovative mobile EEG solutions. Together, we are committed to bridging the gap between EEG technology and everyday life, opening up new frontiers for understanding the complexities of the human brain in real-world scenarios”, states mBrainTrain’s CEO Ivan Gligorijevic.


Brainbox Managing Director, Andrew Thomas says “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with mBrainTrain, a collaboration that marks a significant step forward in advancing neuroimaging technology. With mBrainTrain’s innovative mobile EEG solutions, it will allow researchers to explore the complexities of brain activity in real-world settings like never before. This partnership reinforces Brainbox’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to the neuroscience community.”


Soffía Cahill, Brainbox Research Specialist, adds “mbt’s family of products are an exciting new addition to the Brainbox portfolio. We are delighted to be working with mBrainTrain to help bring this modern EEG technology to researchers and academics in the neuroscience community and continue to help establish new innovations in electroencephalography.”


Brainbox is the leading global provider of integrated non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging solutions in neuroscience research. As integration specialists, Brainbox has a deep understanding and knowledge of the state-of-the-art equipment in their extensive portfolio and a clear understanding of their customer’s research needs.

With decades of first-hand experience and a collaborative approach with both customers and manufacturers to develop and implement innovative technologies and solutions. Brainbox enables world-class neuroscience research in both clinical and academic environments.


Brainbox will be working with mBrainTrain to bring their family of mobile-EEG products to the Brainbox global neuroscience research community and will be attending upcoming meetings in 2024 to showcase and demonstrate the devices.


For more information, please visit brainbox-neuro.com & mbraintrain.com