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5th January 2017

Frontier Medical Group strengthens sharps disposal range

Frontier Medical Group, the specialist medical device manufacturer, has expanded its Sharpsafe range with the launch of a new 1.8L drug tariff container designed for the safe disposal of insulin and needle pens.

Part of the wider Sharpsafe range, which starts at 0.2L boxes and goes up to 30L protected access units, the new 1.8L container can hold 25 needle pens vertically and features an aperture which allows users to remove needles if required.

Manufactured in the UK, Sharpsafe is the world’s first purpose-designed sharps container. Created to assist patients with their personal sharps disposal, they are available on prescription or via the NHS Supply Catalogue.

Simon Jackson, Managing Director at Frontier Medical Group said: “We’re continually working to expand and improve our offering to both patients and healthcare facilities, which is one of the key reasons we decided to launch this 1.8L Sharpsafe container.

“For many people who need to dispose of their pens or needles at home, the only options available are often large, ungainly sharps containers, and we wanted to change that. These new boxes are much more convenient and whilst disposal is of course only one small part of someone’s day to day life, if we can help make it even a little bit easier, it really could make a significant difference.

“From a practical perspective, the 1.8L container is also much more efficient for users. In some larger boxes, pens fall diagonally and that greatly reduces their capacity, but with our 1.8L container they are held vertically. Again, it’s a small change from the existing products on the market but it makes a big difference for the end user.”

Frontier Medical Group is one of the leading suppliers of consumable products to healthcare providers in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Established in 1966, the company is an industry leader in providing affordable products to help patients avoid harm and currently employees more than 240 staff at their headquarters in Blackwood, South Wales.

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