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31st August 2023

The TrakCel Success Story: Nurturing New Talent with Venture Graduates

In an exceptional showcase of commitment to talent development, TrakCel has taken significant strides in harnessing the potential of young professionals, through a strategic partnership with Venture Graduates.

This symbiotic collaboration has yielded remarkable results – with seven bright graduates finding their wings and soaring high at TrakCel, through the unique Venture Graduate’s Career Accelerator Programme.

Among those graduates, one outstanding individual has even achieved recognition as the TrakCel “Employee of the Month” for March 2023 – testimony to Venture’s recruitment and development expertise that helps hire the ‘right’ talent for an organisation; and develop that talent to hit the ground running.

The Power of Partnership: TrakCel and Venture Graduates

TrakCel is a leading global provider of cellular orchestration systems that support the management of advance therapy supply chains – connecting patients with life changing treatments globally.

TrakCel’s vision for nurturing emerging talent found an ideal ally in Venture Graduates – an organisation dedicated to bridging the skills gap between academia and industry. This partnership is built on a shared commitment to empowering fresh graduates with the practical skills and knowledge required to excel in the real-world work environment.

Dr. Fiona Withey, CEO of TrakCel Ltd, has been thrilled with the results of the partnership:

“The Venture Graduates recruitment process just made life very easy for us, across the whole recruitment cycle – from taking our initial job specification and turning it into a compelling job advertisement, to drawing up a shortlist of quality candidates with the right skillset and attributes to work in our business.”

The Career Accelerator Programme: A Unique Approach to Skills Development

At the heart of this collaboration lies the Career Accelerator Programme (CAP) – a pioneering initiative designed to fast-track graduates alongside their professional journeys.

Through structured mentorship, specialised training and hands-on experience, the Venture CAP has enabled TrakCel to hone the graduates’ abilities for the role – while providing them with ample opportunities to develop as far as their potential can take them.

Elliot Clarkson, a Configuration Engineer hired by Venture for TrakCel, found this unique accelerator invaluable:

“The Career Accelerator Programme microcredential I chose was People Leadership and Management, as I thought I may have been lacking in those soft skills. Choosing that training showed my employer that I am willing to improve in that area – which I have.”

Seven Graduates with One Goal – to Excel and Thrive

Thanks to the Venture service, seven talented graduates have been handpicked by TrakCel from a pool of ambitious individuals to start their careers in the MedTech industry and participate in the Career Accelerator Programme.

Throughout their journey, they have been exposed to diverse challenges and have consistently demonstrated their passion and determination to succeed – benefitting from being the ‘perfect fit’ for TrakCel, with Courtney Pearce, Configuration Engineer, enthusing:

“The company culture is great; everyone is so friendly and willing to get to know you. There is a strong work ethic, and it is an overall fantastic work environment.”

A Venture Graduate wins Employee of the Month

Within this group of exceptional graduates, one individual’s achievements stood out, with Ethan Young, Lead Generation Associate, being awarded the coveted “Employee of the Month” title in March 2023.

As Ethan explains, the CAP made a real difference in a short space of time:

“I enrolled on the Career Accelerator Programme a few months ago and have completed courses run by University of South Wales. It’s been a great learning experience and I’ve enjoyed developing new skills through the programme – learning valuable know-how that I might not have been able to acquire on the job.”

A positive impact on the TrakCel business

The impact of these graduates on TrakCel’s operations has been nothing short of transformative. From contributing to cutting-edge projects, to introducing innovative ideas, their fresh perspectives have invigorated teams and propelled the company forward.

As Helen Hopkins, Senior Marketing Manager for TrakCel, explains:

“The Graduates are all fantastic. They are keen to get involved, keen to learn and constantly asking what needs to be done. It’s been really beneficial to have a new set of eyes looking at the business from different viewpoints.”

Alumni Insights illuminating the pathway to success

Beyond their initial impact with TrakCel, these graduates are eager to share their experiences and insights with the upcoming group of Venture Graduates – through an alumni network that is fostering a culture of ‘giving back’, ensuring that knowledge and support continues to flow within the Venture Community.

This fruitful collaboration between TrakCel and Venture Graduates stands as an inspiration to employers in Southeast Wales. By investing in young talent through the Career Accelerator Programme, TrakCel has not only enriched the lives of the graduates but has also secured its position as an industry leader dedicated to fostering growth, innovation and excellence across the ever-evolving MedTech landscape.

If you are an employer looking to reap the benefits of graduate talent nurtured through the Venture programme, contact the Venture business team at venturebusiness@cardiff.gov.uk or submit your vacancy here.