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1st August 2017

Welsh electronics firm gets green light for innovation

High-tech electronics company, Blackwood Embedded Solutions, has won a bid to partner in the development of a novel medical Point of Care Test (POCT) device.

POCTs are rapid diagnostic tests carried out next to the patient, providing results much faster than conventional laboratory tests.

Blackwood Embedded Solutions, a Caerphilly-based software and electronics design business, was selected by Monmouth-based biotech company, Invitron, to collaborate in the development of the new product.

Invitron is one of six highly innovative small and early stage Med-Tech companies in Wales that were selected as part of a £600,000 R&D funding boost from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

Following the success of a proof-of-concept device, the company has recently gone on to be awarded a further £440,000 of support, via Innovate UK’s biomedical catalyst competition, to develop a POCT system based on the company’s high-sensitivity chemiluminescence detection technology.

Andrew Woodhead, Business Development Director of Invitron said: “Invitron is honoured and delighted to receive this funding from Innovate UK. 

“By collaborating with Blackwood Embedded Solutions we will be able to bring this prototype to market within budget and against the agreed timeline. This technology offers a clear market advantage and promises to be a real game changer for the industry and patient-care.”

Anthony Giles, Managing Director of Blackwood Embedded Solutions said: “Software and hardware designed by our team is used in a number of high-tech products across the medical, retail and security industries.

“This collaboration is the perfect opportunity to introduce a novel med-tech product that has not previously been used in this type of diagnosis and testing and we are very excited about the challenge.”

Blackwood Embedded Solutions is part of the Welsh Government’s Advanced Growth Programme and received a number of prestigious business awards for its ability to bring medical products to market.

Blackwood Embedded Solutions has also been involved in the design and development of drug delivery systems, surgical generators and diagnostic medical products as well as electronic design services including schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCB layout and hand-built engineering prototypes.

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