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18th July 2021

Work begins in Wales to action an ambitious Implementation Plan for recovery, resilience and growth in clinical research

NHS staff, clinicians and researchers across Health and Care Research Wales attended a webinar this week outlining the key actions that will drive forward the new vision for clinical research in the UK.

Following the publication in March of ‘Saving and improving lives: the future of UK clinical research delivery’, the UK government and devolved administrations have set out the first phase of activity to ensure research will have better health outcomes and allow more patients to be involved in, and benefit from, research of relevance to them.

As part of the ‘Managed Recovery’ process as the NHS recovers from the pandemic, 226 UK studies have already been given the green light to re-start, 75 of which are active in Wales.

The activity for the next 12 months in which Wales will play a key role will also include:

  • the ongoing development and trial of new COVID-19 treatments and vaccines
  • making UK clinical research delivery easier through more rapid ethics reviews and faster approval processes
  • improving the visibility of the benefits of research to patients and making research matter to the NHS
  • increasing diversity and participation in research in communities traditionally under-served by research
  • digitising the clinical research process to allow researchers to find patients, offer them places in trials, and monitor health outcomes.

You can view the slide deck from the webinar here